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9:00 PM


She’s known forever
that she is “an old soul.”
She remembers
standing naked in the Garden
in the midst of
an indescribable fragrance
carried on a breeze
as soft as breath;
colors more vibrant
than human minds can conceive;
the eternal life force
and endless love
— pulsing, pulsing —
within everything seen and unseen,
knowing that all are connected
to a single, beating heart.

Aloud, she manages to utter
the only word
she is capable of:
And, as old souls know,
it shall be so again.
In the meantime,
when you’re given wings,
it is senseless
to refuse to fly.
Honoring that gift,
each evening
as twilight dissolves
into shimmering, starry night,
she takes flight
… and returns to Eden.


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