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9:00 PM


She’s known forever
that she is “an old soul.”
She remembers
standing naked in the Garden
in the midst of
an indescribable fragrance
carried on a breeze
as soft as breath;
colors more vibrant
than human minds can conceive;
the eternal life force
and endless love
— pulsing, pulsing —
within everything seen and unseen,
knowing that all are connected
to a single, beating heart.

Aloud, she manages to utter
the only word
she is capable of:
And, as old souls know,
it shall be so again.
In the meantime,
when you’re given wings,
it is senseless
to refuse to fly.
Honoring that gift,
each evening
as twilight dissolves
into shimmering, starry night,
she takes flight
… and returns to Eden.


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The Veil


Love.  Gratitude. Joy.

Words too small for the nearly

speechless moments

when all the puzzle pieces


tumble into place, and I find myself

in the “thin place,”

where the veil between

“here” and “there”

 is made of gossamer.

Dare I utter

the too-small words “thank you”

to the great I Am,

for the gift of today?


I dare.


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Magical Moments


It begins with delicate softness atop a fire that burns within. I am always surprised when time vanishes — but who am I to argue with magic? In an instant, I’m back in the deep woods where the musky earth is alive and eternity’s light shimmers through tree fronds. The treasure remains. Oh, the heady wine of knowing it’s still there, untouched by forces that would seek to destroy it! Some things are simply too powerful for the world in which we live and must, therefore, be contained. Thus, well hidden and protected, the treasure can live and breathe with a life of its own, uncontaminated and free to be everything it always has been … and will always be. The desire to stay outside of time and cling to it nearly overwhelms me, but I know this is rooted in fear. There is no room in magic for indulging doubt or disquietude. On days like today, a glimpse confirms the treasure’s reality. I must hold it lightly, with open hands, in joy and gratitude for the experience, and trust the magic to intermittently show up. An occasional taste of the rare wine serves as a reminder that — somewhere outside of time — the treasure thrives UNhidden, in all of its fullness and splendor. We will eventually join it there. In the meantime, just for now … Grace gives us tiny sips — fleeting moments of bliss — until the treasure’s unveiling at the inevitable demise of time. Earth and heaven as one. May it be so.


*OK,  OK. So it’s a little vague and ethereal, but it’s the best I can do with words. Maybe it will make sense to SOMEbody out there besides me! I used to simply dance this kind of stuff … you know, way back in the day. 🙂   –K


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There is a Castle
that lies beyond the Cathedral of the Stars,
… Somewhere between the Dreaming and the Coming True.
It can be neither seen nor understood
with earthly eyes and ears,
Yet it is a place of Solace and Strength,
alive with both Memory and Future,
shimmering with Promise and Hope.
There is a Castle
that lies beyond the Cathedral of the Stars
which my Ancient, restless Soul knows only as

Reason and intellect has never, EVER been enough. Reason and intellect can only thrive when running in tandem with the Holy. I think and I study, I feel and I despair, I believe and I doubt, I trust and I panic, I scream for justice and lose hope in its absence. I decry the insanity around me … and see myself in its hologram. I embrace science … and stand naked before mystery. I dance, then I’m immobile. I climb, then I fall. I gaze into eternity, then re-enslave myself to the finite. I am a warrior and a pacifist, an altruist and a zealot. Love shines and inspires … then bites and bleeds. I’m airbound with joy, then on my knees in anguish.

The Eucharist: Taken, Blessed, Broken, Given
The Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Life, Birth, Wisdom, Death …
Life and Rebirth

Reason and intellect can only thrive when running in tandem with the Holy.

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